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100% American Made.... well mostly

In last week's post I brought up the issue of the major disruption in our manufacturing.  I'd like to go into that in a bit more detail today.  We've always prided ourselves on being 100% American made.  Unfortunately the only garment manufacturing game in town with the right kind of inventory for us was American Apparel, and when they filed for bankruptcy our print shop's inventory plummeted and we were forced to scramble for a new garment manufacturer.  

Enter LA Apparel!  We were delited to discover that their quality was on par with American Apparel's, unfortunately their selection left something to be desired.  So as it stands now, all of our tees are 100% American made, by LA Apparel, but some of our tanks, hoodies and raglans are not.  Bad news is we are not 100% American made anymore but we are  about 98% and working to get back to 100.  

Good news is ALL and I mean every bit of our rash-guards, leggings, fight shorts, gi-patches, sports bras..... basically our ENTIRE performance line is 100% made in America, in fact right here in Dallas Texas!  (yes I said sports bras, but more on that in a later post.)  Our appologies to everyone who is dissapointed to learn some of our items aren't American made anymore, but we wanted to be up front and direct with you.  We will be going through our website and labeling everything that is American made so that you will know which items are and which items are not.  Thanks for your time and have a great week!


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