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NOT DEAD YET! What Does It All Mean?

A few days ago I was in a Starbucks wearing my Not Dead Yet Lion tee when the barista behind the cash register asked, "Not Dead Yet? What do you mean by that?"  "Well, I said, simply put, 'You're Not Dead Yet so live your life to the fullest.'"  It was an overly simplistic explanation of what our clothing line is all about, but it was a busy location and he had a line so I needed to be succinct and not be "that customer" holding up the line. I decided today though that I'd share with all of you a some-what more in depth discussion on what we mean by "Not Dead Yet".  

To us Not Dead Yet has 3 tiers:

1.) Be Bold: You're Not Dead Yet so keep grinding; keep working, keep pushing the limits to what you can do in your sport, in your business, and in your personal life.

2.) Be Fearless: You may have been knocked down but you're Not Dead Yet so you're Not Done Yet; Life may have thrown you one hell of a curve ball, maybe you're a cancer survivor, or a wounded veteran, or a survivor of abuse and life has tried it's best to smack you down but you keep getting up and getting after it.

3.) Do Some Good In The World: Chivalry is Not Dead Yet; This is where we tie in our work with charities such as Traffick 911.  Our definition of Chivalry is pretty basic, those who can, do what they can for those who can't.  There are vulnerable members of our society that are taken advantage of by bullies, pimps and the scum of our society, it is up to those of us who can do something about it, to do something about it. 

Feel free to comment below your own thoughts on what the brand means to you.  

Be bold. Be Fearless.  Do some good in the world.


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