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New Summer Line-up Coming Soon...

ambassadors not dead yet

Things have been pretty crazy around here lately, both personally and with the company. The good news is, WE ARE GROWING! We owe a lot of that to the hard work of our ambassadors, sponsored athletes as well as friends, family and social media followers.  So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.  We try our hardest to respond to every email, every message, and every comment, but if you've somehow fallen through the cracks without a response from us please know that it is not intentional, we are just dealing with some "growing pains" lol.

Right, well on to the fun stuff.  We will be dropping our summer line-up very soon, in fact we plan on dropping it shortly after Memorial Day.  If you subscribe to our newsletter, or are one of our ambassadors you'll be getting early access to the new line up.  If you aren't subscribed to our newsletter, there's still time!  

Our new lineup will consist of some pretty sweet new designs, as well as some new hats, some new leggings and shorts for our performance line are in the works as well.  Here's a little sneak preview of some of the hats we will be releasing soon...

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