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Not Dead Yet Apparel est. 2015

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Welcome to our new website, and welcome to our new blog.  This blog will be where you can keep up with all things Not Dead Yet Apparel.  You can expect the majority of our posts to be quick reads, and we will do our best to keep the content engaging.  

Here are a few things you can expect to see on this blog:

- What's new with the company including; new design releases, new line ups, new reps and sponsored athletes. 

- Feature pieces on some of the fighters, athletes and veterans who rep for us. 

- What is going on with the Freedom Fighter Initiative, our partnership with Traffick911, and our fight against human trafficking. 

- Our commentary on topics that range from fitness and fighting to chivalry and good works. 

- Guest posts (if you are a writer, a sports fan, or an advocate for ending human trafficking we welcome your submissions for the blog.)

- Cool pics and motivational quotes.  From time to time you may just see a cool photo or inspirational quote, this doesn't mean we are being lazy, we just love good pics and motivational quotes! Sometimes the most profound statements are the simplest ones.

Thank you for taking the time to read our first post, stay tuned we are just getting started.


Nate & Josh Bagby

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