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Happy Veterans Day

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Josh Bagby: Co-Owner of Not Dead Yet Apparel, military veteran, and former Army Ranger.  This is a pic of Josh along with some buddies from his unit during one of their deployments. 

Every day should be a day of remembering and honoring our service members.  Veterans Day comes around, and we are reminded that perhaps there is more we can do to honor these brave men and women who given and done so much for our country.  This Veterans Day, let's be reminded that they deserve the best from us.  They deserve better than what the statistics are telling us; that 49,933 veterans are homeless, or that an estimated 22 veterans a day commit suicide, or that 1/3 of veterans with pending applications for VA health care died waiting for that service.  Our veterans deserve better from us. 

What can we do?  Search out organizations that are doing work to aid veterans who have been neglected by the system.  Here are some examples:

http://www.mission22.com - Mission 22 is a collaboration between Elder Heart, a veteran non-profit organization, and a global advertising agency. Elder Heart is comprised of Delta Force and Special Forces operators Tom Spooner, Magnus Johnson, and Mike Kissel. Because of their personal battles with PTSD and TBI, they have made it their mission to raise awareness, enlist support, and end veteran suicide in America.

http://www.wedefyfoundation.org - We Defy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of our military disabled service members through the use of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and physical fitness training. Our coaching staff and members are comprised of both military and non-military personnel. We understand how important it is to take care of our returning veterans. We are committed to giving them the tools to combat life's challenges.

On a personal note, I would like to thank the following Veterans for not only their service to our country but also for their help and support during our Kickstarter campaign, your generosity was humbling to say the least. 

Sean Mayo, Adam Latham, Matthew Corbitt, John Francisco, Jeffrey Arthurs, Bradeley Giroux, Michael Clemens, Ryan Nystrom, Jim Dunivan, Edwin Ridely, Rick Woodward, Bret Shallenberger, Kim and Travis Ellenburg, Deshaun and Marie White, Mike and Chelan Gibson, Brandon Mayne, Chuck Crawford, Tim Delaughter, Matthew Coston, Kyle Faulkner, Nathan Mulcahy, Kevin Meany, Aaron Morrow, Erick Welborn, Amber Gilbert.

Also a huge thank you to Not Dead Yet Apparel Ambassador Mike Woodward for his tireless work in helping to get the word out about our Kickstarter campaign, I can safely say we wouldn't have done it without you. 



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