Not Yet Dead - Joshua Wade Davis

We love hearing from fans and supporters.   A few weeks ago a young man by the name Josh Davis reached out to me via Instagram with the following message:

"Hello, my name is Josh Davis, and I am a fitness enthusiast, writer and artist.  I love your brand and the meaning behind it.  If you need any help growing your brand, please let me know.  I am a hard worker and would love to be a part of something like this. "

He then sent the following:

Behind those eyes defies what you thought
Defines what's real and what's not
So please sit down
And listen close
To the ghost
Of a man who's not yet dead
But laying in bed
Beating his chest
And nodding his head
He's calling on the damned
The beaten
the souls unmanned
This story has been forgotten
Except by the down trodden
The rotten
The picked on
Stomped on
Can only be held down for so long
So be gone
We're long gone
From the days we were beaten on
Welcome to our show
It's time they know
That we came once before
And this time we will not go
We started as puppets on strings
Continually giving in
To all the pain within
We are relatives
Of skeletons
From a past life
Full of strife
Soaking up our black eyes
With black ice
We made it suffice
Picking up the scraps
Of the powerful
We were the master's fools
Swimming around in cesspools
Building our lives with broken tools
But the master's fools
Became masterful
With fists in the air
We began to rise
With no substance
with no substance to lean on
We still got high
And started to bounce the moon
Off of the earth in the sky
The white sheep took notice
And began to run
For they knew their sins could not be undone
And the ghost of the man who is not yet dead
Kept beating his chest
And nodding his head
Leading his army of souls from the undead
We marched and we moshed
Rebels with a cause
Fists still in the air
We refuse to be lost
Or ever forget all of the pain that they caused
This is our show
And it's time they know
About the story
Of a population that is not yet dead.

When I asked Josh what this piece meant to him he replied, "To me it's about being inspired by tough times and not running from them or hiding from them but realizing that if you fight through it and never give up it doesn't have to stay bad.  It can get better."


Josh's message meant a lot to me because it tells me that what we are trying to say with this clothing line, and the movement behind it is reaching people and resonating with people.  Thanks for reaching out Josh, you can expect some t-shirts in the mail very soon. 


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