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2016 kicks off with a BANG!

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BOOM! What's up 2016!?  Haha, so as some of you may know this past weekend I (Nate speaking) married the love of my life Shae White, aka Shae Bagby.  It was a small gathering of family and very close friends, and if I can have a moment to be a bit cheesy, one of the best days of my life (I definitely don't have a poker face as evidenced by the pic above).  
Mere days before our wedding, my bride and I closed on a house and moved in the next day.  Josh cut a deployment short so he could be in our wedding as my best man, and days later we were all flying to Cali for the wedding.  Why am I telling you all of this?  Mostly because I'm bragging a bit, but also to explain why the  blog and social media have been rather quiet these last several days.  I thank you for your understanding, and we greatly appreciate all of your support.  
2016 is off to a roaring start, and believe you me there is much more to come!  Stay tuned people, the year of the monkey is gonna be a big one for Not Dead Yet Apparel.
Be bold.  Be Fearless.  Do some good in the world.
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