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So as some of you may know we recently did an ambassador search.  Well the response we received was incredible, it seems the brand and what we stand for is really resonating with people.  We went through each application and tried our best to pick people that we truly felt not only lived the Not Dead Yet lifestyle, but also, and this is part of that lifestyle, would be good ambassadors for our Freedom Fighter Initiative.  All of that being said, over the next several Fridays I want to introduce you to some of these ambassadors, and recognize their contributions.  First up is Paul Jacob, a blogger from the UK who has been supporting us from day one on social media and on his blog.  Paul just recently received his 400th follower on Twitter, give him a follow at @p_greatwhite_j.  

I'll let Paul tell you in his own words a bit about being involved with our brand, here's an excerpt from his blog: (read the full post here)


You may recall that I got involved with a clothing company recently. No not sponsored, though if I ever were to be sponsored, they are the type of company I would like to be sponsored by as I believe in them. Back in the day (2013-2015), they were called Chivalry Contego. They stand for honesty, honor, loyalty and valor. They decided to change their name to Not Dead Yet Apparel off the back of one of their most successful designs and start the Freedom Fighter initiative. The idea behind this is to fight Human Trafficking. Anyway to cut a long story short, they got funded and I was a small part of the movement. I pledged a small amount (not as much as I would have liked – but bills etc), for this I was supposed to get a shout out on social media. Not only did I get the S/O, I got a message from the guys saying they would give me a T-shirt for the work I did spreading the message. As I said to them, I would have done it for free ’cause that’s the kind of man I want to be for my children, but it’s gestures like this that make me believe in these guys. If you are able to, please take a look at Not Dead Yet Apparel (http://ndyapparel.com/). They are great guys and support great causes. Not to mention do some really nice stuff (and Josh, one of the co-owners, has a great beard – what’s not to love?).


On a quick final note, I recently passed 400 followers on twitter. I know to some this is miniscule. But to me it’s mammoth. I am amazed that there are people interested in what I have to say. It really does make me thankful when I pass a milestone like that. Or when I get a follower here or a new person reading. I think you are all crazy for sticking around, but I am truly humbled. So, I just wanted to say thank you to anyone reading this.

Carpe Diem Guys


Thanks Paul, and thanks to all of our ambassadors for what you do to make this movement a reality.


Nate & Josh

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