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DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS! Hurricane Harvey Relief Fundraising tee

As you may or may not know, we are a couple of Texas boys, and as such when a member (or members) of our community are hurting we feel it's our duty to lend a helping hand.  To that end we are releasing a series of tees entitled "Don't Mess With Texas".  This is a common enough phrase here in the Lone Star state, so we feel it's appropriate here (perhaps more appropriate than my original idea "F#CK YOU HARVEY!") but I digress.  This tee is a fund-raising endeavor for those most affected by Hurricane Harvey, Houstonians.  100% of the profit from the sale of these tees will go directly to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.  Will you join us in giving aid to those affected by this storm?  If the tee isn't really your cut, then consider making a direct donation by following this link here
Many thanks from the Lone Star State,
Nate & Josh

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