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Graphic Apparel for the Whole Family

As some of you may recall, around the birth of my son we expanded our line to include onesies and children's clothing.  Basically I just wanted my kid to be the best dressed kid in daycare, so we took some of our favorite designs and put them on onesies and kids tees.  We've been dipping our toes lately in coming up with some kiddo specific designs, and one that has me really excited is our "Studley Do-Right" design.  

The design is inspired by a cartoon I watched as a kid by the name of "Dudley Do-Right", it was part of the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.  If you're under the age of 30 everything I just said probably makes no sense, but regardless it's still a cool design!  The original "Do-Right", of the Dudley variety, was a Canadian mounty that lived by a very strict code.  Our "Studley Do-Right does too, but his code is perhaps a little more timely...

Studley Do-Right Code of Honor:
1.) Always rescue damsels in distress.
2.) Never listen to evil men.
3.) Always stay fit, healthy, and ready for action!
4.) Lift often, flex on Fridays.
5.) Always re-rack your weights.

Check out our kids line-up even if you don't have any yet, you may have a niece or nephew on the way soon.

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