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NEW BJJ Rash-Guards and Spats That Are So FIRE You May Be Accused of Arson By Just Walking On The Mats.

We just released a new line-up of BJJ and MMA gear that is so FIRE you may be accused of arson for just walking on to the mats.  We took some of your favorite designs and put them on rash-guards, leggings, and yes, FINALLY, sports bras.  Not only will you find some of your favorite Not Dead Yet Apparel designs on this new gear, but we also added some new fresh designs exclusively for this roll out.  Check out the new line up here

Plenty of brands out there are releasing their fall line-ups right now, so what's the big deal? What sets us apart?  Well for starters, all of our performance apparel, from rash guards to gi patches and everything in-between, is made right here in America.  That means you get to sweat in a sweatshop-free piece of high end, made by hand performance apparel.  Did I mention that each piece is made by hand?  Our sew room is right here in Dallas, Texas USA; we print in house, send the pieces off to the sew room to be sewn by hand and then we ship direct to you.  Every item we've made has been tested by elite athletes competing at the highest levels in everything from Jiu-Jitsu tournaments and crossfit competitions to the UFC.  So when you're considering your next purchase for some kick ass no-gi gear, remember Not Dead Yet Apparel is American made, athlete tested, and so FIRE we're afraid of getting shut down by the fire marshal!

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