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NORTH TEXAS GIVING DAY - Benefitting Traffick911


All day tomorrow we will be having a competition to help raise funds for our friends over at Traffick911 - Traffick911 is an organization we work with that tirelessly works to free children from the grips of human trafficking.

Tomorrow is North Texas Giving Day - On this day, every donation given at or above $25 will be amplified by the State of Texas.  That means your donations go further in helping fight human trafficking.  

So here's how the competition is going to work:

1.) REPOST: We want to get this out and in front of as many people as we can, so even if you can't donate right now please consider reposting, sharing or retweeting the above image and tagging us in it.  We will be posting this all over social media tomorrow so be on the look out.  1 repost equals 1 entry.

2.) DONATE: A donation of $25 or more will get you 3 entries.  Make sure you screen shot your donation and email, or DM it to us so we can verify for the contest. 

3.) DO BOTH: Reposting and donating $25 or more will get you 5 entries.  Again make sure you tag us in your repost, and screen shot your donation for verification purposes



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