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One Day as a Lion

"It is better to live one day as a lion, than 100 years as a sheep."

I've always loved this quote.  Too many of us stop living around 25ish and just exist... as sheep I suppose you could say.  I'm in no way advocating going out and doing something that's going to get you killed (i.e. live one day) but what I am advocating is that you take risks, and live a daring life.  Our world is a strange and wonderful place. Sure you can catch a documentary on Netflix that gives you the cliff notes, but imagine living, really living in such a way that some other poor sap is watching and wishing he could, if only...

So here's my challenge: If you've always wanted to do "_____________", then start working towards it!   

This is one of the elements that defines the Not Dead Yet brand, living life to the fullest.  Go travel the world.  Go compete in that Jiu-Jitsui tournament. Go take that MMA, boxing or Muay Thai fight.  Put yourself out there, and when you do, live that day like a Lion.


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  • Gianni on

    I will push forward until they kick dirt over me! Until then? #notdeadyet

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