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Freedom Fighters! - An American Tradition

freedom fighter freedom fighters summer summer line up

Our summer release continues today with a new Freedom Fighter tee.  We wanted to do a t-shirt that would be appropriate for the 4th of July, but would still help to get the message out about human trafficking.  Human trafficking is a stain on our nation.  We are a people that holds freedom as a God given right, and yet, as the image above shows, there are a staggering number of people who are not living freely in our country.  What's worse is that those who are being bought and sold are more often than not the most vulnerable, children....

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Special Wednesday Edition: Ambassador Spotlight-Stephanie Rosario

ambassadors freedom fighter freedom fighters military veterans

So today's blogpost is a bit of a detraction from our normal routine, we are doing a special Wednesday edition of our "Ambassador spotlight" series (normally posted on Fridays).  We have a message from Josh regarding Memorial Day that we will be posting on Friday.   So here today, without any further adieu we have our very special edition of our Ambassador Spotlight of the week; a military veteran, athlete and activist against human trafficking. Here in her own words is Stephanie Rosario: This is exciting!!    My name is Stephanie "Steph" Rosario and I am from the Chicago Land...

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Ambassador Spotlight: Jorge Perez

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Every so often on our Friday blog posts we like to recognize one of our ambassadors, in our Ambassador Spotlight series, today's spotlight is on Jorge Perez.  Thanks for all you do promoting the brand and its message Jorge! Here is Jorge in his own words: My name is Jorge Perez. I am a 35 year old husband and father of 4. I am a brown belt student under Albert Hughes at Genesis Jiu Jitsu. I also teach the Zombie Krew classes at Genesis every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 6:30 am to 8:00 am. Our motto is, we will...

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Honoring the Legacy of Our Armed Forces

freedom fighter freedom fighters military veterans

May is Military Appreciation Month.  The month long tribute to our armed services culminates with Memorial Day on the 30th.  In honor of the men and women who have served, and the storied legacy of each branch, Not Dead Yet Apparel has released a series of tshirts in the neo traditional style on vintage looking tees and tanks.  We will be making a donation to Carry the Load, an organization working to bring the memorial back into memorial day, with the proceeds from the sale of these tees.   If you are currently serving or have ever served, please use...

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                                                                                                                     -Rocky Balboa Not all contenders can be a champion.  That's a hard pill to swallow for some of us in a culture that tells you that you can be whatever you want and everyone gets a trophy.  What they neglect to tell...

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