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Summer Release!

not dead yet summer summer line up

As some of you may have seen on our social media accounts, or via our newsletter, we are doing something a little different with our summer release.  Next Monday is the official first day of summer.  As such we are releasing 1 item a day, starting yesterday and going up to Monday.  Yesterday we released our Singha tank top.  Those that are fans of Muay Thai or Thai culture will recognize the mythical beast.  We designed this tee as a nod to Muay Thai practitioners and fans. Today we are releasing our NDY Stacked Logo Snapback.  It's a simple design,...

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ambassadors freedom fighters not dead yet

As most of you know, every so often on a Friday we like to spotlight one of our brand ambassadors.  Here, in her own words is one of our ambassadors, Kayla Williams: Hi! My name is Kayla Williams. I'm a mother of two living in East Texas. Over the past two years, I have been really into the fitness lifestyle. (I know, better late than never though!) I decided to do this for myself and my children. I want to be someone they can be proud of, and set an example of a healthy lifestyle for them. When I found...

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New Summer Line-up Coming Soon...

ambassadors not dead yet

Things have been pretty crazy around here lately, both personally and with the company. The good news is, WE ARE GROWING! We owe a lot of that to the hard work of our ambassadors, sponsored athletes as well as friends, family and social media followers.  So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.  We try our hardest to respond to every email, every message, and every comment, but if you've somehow fallen through the cracks without a response from us please know that it is not intentional, we are just dealing with some "growing pains" lol. Right, well on...

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ambassadors fighter freedom fighter mma not dead yet ufc

                                                                                                                     -Rocky Balboa Not all contenders can be a champion.  That's a hard pill to swallow for some of us in a culture that tells you that you can be whatever you want and everyone gets a trophy.  What they neglect to tell...

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Forget about YOLO

ambassadors freedom fighter freedom fighters mma not dead yet

  Forget about YOLO, life is about taking time and appreciating the moments, about bettering yourself and the world around you, and about standing for something bigger.  Live every day, and when you die, leave a legacy. THIS is what Not Dead Yet Apparel is all about.  No matter where you find yourself in life, whether you're a choir boy or a recovering addict, right now you're not dead yet, so there is still time.  Time to be bold. Time to be fearless. Time to do some good in the world.  Let's go!  

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