A clothing line of street and athletic wear for the bold.
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About Us


Nate Bagby - Former Muay Thai fighter turned coach, currently working with some of the most elite athletes in Dallas!  T-shirt addict, fitness fanatic and firm believer that we are put on this earth to do good. 

Josh Bagby - Former wrestler, rugby player and Army Ranger.   Josh is a tactical tactician, fitness fanatic, and all around good dude, definitely someone you want watching your back.  Josh became an Army Ranger in order to fight terrorism and oppression in Afghanistan.  When he got out he immediately began looking for ways to keep the fight going.  He sees Not Dead Yet Apparel as a small, but vocal platform to do that. 


Not Dead Yet Apparel, formerly known as Chivalry Contego, was founded in 2013 and is an American Made clothing line. We create tees, tanks and hoodies, as well as rash guards and fight shorts for the honest, the honorable, the loyal and the valorous! We use our designs to raise awareness and funds for various causes that we are passionate about.

Not Dead Yet Apparel came about as the culmination of an idea to create Activism in Athletic Apparel within the communities that our founders were part of, namely; MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ, Wrestling, Fitness, and the Military.  

It's gotta say something, but it's gotta look good while doing so...  Many activism tees are really good at getting the message across, but if we are all honest, we wear them once to the event we got them at, and then those sad tees who tried so hard are relegated to slumming around the house in.  We are committed to designing tees that you will want to workout in, go out in, and represent in!  Tees that not only say something, but look good while doing so!

Dual meaning- The name "Not Dead Yet" came about in November of 2013 when co-owner Nate was working on a design for the Day of the Dead, or Dias de las Muertos.  He wanted the design to not only capture the elements of the holiday and the traditions, but also to make a statement that chivalry is not dead yet, the ideals of honesty, honor loyalty and valor are not dead yet.  So we created the iconic "Not Dead Yet" sugar skull.  The design was a huge hit, worn by the likes of Matt "The Crowbar" Hobar and American Muay Thai legend Kevin "Da Soul Assassin" Ross.  Capitalizing on the success of the tee, we began to use "Not Dead Yet" in our social media marketing, and people really responded to it.  Around the time that our second best selling tee "Not Dead Yet Lion" was being released, the writing was on the wall, people loved "Not Dead Yet" so Nate and Josh got together and decided to go ahead with the rebranding they had been considering, thus "Not Dead Yet Apparel" was born. 




-Most of our streetwear  is printed on garments that are made in the U.S. and therefore sweatshop free.  We are adamant that our garments "do no harm". 

-All of our athletic wear is manufactured right here in the U.S., in Dallas Texas in fact and sweat shop free. We work closely with our manufacturer and printer to ensure the highest quality of our garments.  All of our fight shorts, vale todo shorts, rash guards and gi-patches are 100% USA made; cut, stitched, sewn up and printed to order right here in Dallas. 


Facebook: Facebook.com/notdeadyetapparel

Instagram: @notdeadyetapparel 

Twitter:  @ndyapparel