A clothing line of street and athletic wear for the bold.
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Not Dead Yet Apparel

We are a street and athletic clothing company creating cool, thought provoking and trendy apparel that makes a statement and raises awareness, as well as funds, for various causes we believe in.  We work with manufacturers and printers right here in the U.S. to make sure that all of our garments are sweat shop free, and made right here in the great U.S of A. Stay tuned, 'cause we are coming soon!


NOT DEAD YET                                                                                                                                            

 /nät/  /ded/  /yet/ 

1. Still Alive.                                                                                                                                                     

 "You are not dead yet, so live your life to the fullest."

synonyms: alive and kicking, still fighting, be bold, be fearless, be adventurous, fight for your dreams. 

2. Still relevant.

"Chivalry is not dead yet, so long as there are wrongs left unaddressed on earth."

synonyms: honesty, honor, loyalty, valor.